My Summer/Autumn Overview 2014

I haven’t really been keeping track of what I’ve been doing recently so I thought it was time to catch up. This summer I’ve been working for 3 months (June – Sept) at APD Communications, a software company next to my university. APD creates solutions for police forces to direct, monitor and manage resources such as cars and APCs. Their […]


Third Year Results

Results for third year came in last Friday. I got a 1st, with a weighted average of 72.5 Module Name Mark(%) 08309 Mobile Devices and Applications 71 08338 Data Mining and Decision Systems 74 08341 Development Project (Burglar Alarm) 81 08346 Distributed Systems Programming 69 08348 Languages and their Compilers 59 I could have done […]


Course Upgrade

The first semester of my third year is now done. Although I still have to revise for the oncoming January exams. All my coursework is handed in which is good. I have already received marks back for my Compilers work. I got 70% for that which is pretty good. It compiles a Simple Programming Language […]